Carbon Nanotubes

Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Products

SWeNT's conductive and semi-conducting Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes are synthesized using the patented, scalable CoMoCAT® process, assuring the highest degree of chiral control and purity. Used primarily for thin coatings.

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SWeNT Aqueous Inks

SWeNT has developed a line of printing inks and coating fluids based on its single-wall CNT products, solvent based inks for screen printing and aqueous coating fluids for spray, rod or slot-die application. Ask about Flexographic and Gravure inks in development.

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SWeNT Aqueous Inks

SWeNT's Specialty Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes (SMW™) are synthesized using the CoMoCAT® process, producing nearly defect-free MWCNT that are straighter and less entangled, making them easier to disperse and enabling lower percolation thresholds and higher conductivity.

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SWeNT Aqueous Inks

SWeNT designs and produces its own catalyst systems which, in combination with the control of chirality and purity afforded by the CoMoCAT® allows us to readily formulate custom materials, including unique CNT varieties and other CNT forms such as pastes and dispersions.

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